Sam Adams (perruche_verte) wrote,
Sam Adams

Please vote tomorrow

Primary elections are tomorrow. For the love of all that is good, please get out and vote for your candidates of choice (and hopefully FOR choice). Only about 1 in 10 of your fellow voters will bother to do so, so your vote will actually count more than it will in the general election.

I support Margaret Anderson Kelliher for Governor of Minnesota. Margaret was my high school classmate. It's hard to do justice to her with words, but just let me say that if we have to have government at all, we could not possibly have enough people like her in it, and we need to elect those people.

I actually didn't see too much of Margaret in high school, except if I was lucky enough to share a class with her. Nobody saw much of her, unless they were involved in drama or speech. She was too busy working. Margaret did not hang out at the mall. While I was spending my scarce resources on records by The Cure and trying to master Space Invaders and Battlezone, Margaret was mucking out dairy stalls and going over spreadsheets, trying to help keep the family dairy farm from going under.

It's as if she didn't have time to be a teenager. She was like an Athena, who sprang full-grown out of her father's head with a spear in her hand. She was already fighting in those days, first of all fighting for her family's home and livelihood, and I don't think she's ever stopped fighting since then.

I won't say anything bad about the other candidates running in the DFL primary. Nobody really knows what's going to happen tomorrow, and either one of the other top guys would be miles ahead of the Republican candidate. But I think Margaret has qualities that neither of them will ever have.

The worst anyone can say about her is that her campaign has not been that exciting. She's a Swedish farm girl from southern Minnesota: the only kind of drama she has much time for is the kind that happens on a stage.

I'm thinking of doing the Midnight Madness lit drop tonight, anyone want to go? Margaret will speak at 9:30pm at the CWA union hall at 3521 East Lake Street. Then everyone will hit the streets to put flyers under people's windshield wipers. It's a great easy way to help the campaign.

Edit: Athena carries a spear, of course, not a sword. And here I thought I was a fan of Mary Renault's novels.
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